Rewarding Retail Brilliance: Ometria’s milestone packs as a tool for employee engagement

Ometria Go Swag Custom Branded Merchandise Welcome Pack Onboarding

Ometria stands at the forefront of revolutionizing retail marketing, empowering retailers to create personalized marketing experiences that resonate deeply with their customers, ultimately driving CRM (Customer Relationship Management) revenue to new heights. Central to Ometria's offerings is the Retail Success Model™, a groundbreaking approach underpinned by four proprietary algorithms. These algorithms are meticulously designed to harness the power of data science, providing retailers with bespoke insights tailored to enhance their CRM strategies. This model represents a pioneering leap forward in the realm of CRM growth within the retail sector, setting Ometria apart as an industry leader. Noteworthy clients such as Hotel Chocolat, Fred Perry, and Paperchase have entrusted Ometria with their CRM endeavours, underscoring the effectiveness and value of Ometria's innovative solutions.

Ometria Go Swag Custom Branded Merchandise Welcome Pack Onboarding hoodie
Ometria Go Swag Custom Branded Merchandise Welcome Pack Onboarding card
Ometria Go Swag Custom Branded Merchandise Welcome Pack Onboarding notebook pen
Ometria Go Swag Custom Branded Merchandise Welcome Pack Onboarding box

Milestone Reward Packs

At the heart of Ometria's success lies its dedicated team, affectionately known as Ometrians, who embody a set of inspiring core values. Grounded in principles of self-awareness, respect, and accountability, Ometrians prioritize collective success over individual achievements. Their unwavering positivity and determination drive them relentlessly towards the realisation of their goals, fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence within the organization.

We were delighted to provide the team with a custom reward pack to celebrate reaching an exciting milestone in their targets! 🚀

Swag Spotlight

Reflecting the ethos of "it's awesome to be here," one of Ometria's core values, the Ometria swag pack is curated to embody this sentiment, offering a delightful array of premium items. Among these treasures, the standout item is a packet of freshly ground coffee sourced from Dear Green Coffee, a renowned roastery based in Ometria's native Glasgow. Dear Green Coffee is celebrated not only for its exceptional quality but also for its commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainable production practices.

Ometria Go Swag Custom Branded Merchandise Welcome Pack Onboarding Dear Green coffee
Ometria Go Swag Custom Branded Merchandise Welcome Pack Onboarding mug
Ometria Go Swag Custom Branded Merchandise Welcome Pack Onboarding coco chocolatier chocolate

For the Ometria packs, we carefully selected a Brazilian coffee sourced from The Cerrado region, renowned for its exceptional coffee beans. At the Fazenda Pantano Estate, where this coffee is cultivated, a commitment to excellence extends beyond the cup. The estate supports local communities by funding education initiatives, including a nearby school, and provides training schemes for its staff, ensuring sustainable livelihoods and fostering community development. This Brazilian coffee boasts a highly complex flavour profile, characterized by notes of berry sweetness and praline nuttiness, delivering an unparalleled sensory experience that delights the palate while contributing to positive social and environmental impact. By including Dear Green Coffee in the Ometria swag pack, we not only celebrate exceptional taste but also embrace the values of sustainability, ethical sourcing, and community support that resonate deeply with both Ometria and its clientele.

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Great company - Highly Recommend

I have to say I was really impressed with the process from start to finish. Efficient and effective communication and a really thorough ordering and design process. Highly recommend.

Hello Fresh

Super professional

They were super professional and responsive all the time. Also, advise me on what would be better for the final result. I am very grateful for the excellent end-to-end service.


True partners!

The Go Swag team have been amazing to work with. They are true partners and have helped us create a unique box for our customers, helping us add value throughout out customer’s journey with us.


High quality items, amazing service

As a company with over 1300 employees we were extremely pleased to work with a partner, that was able to meet all our tight deadlines, work with our budgets and offer highly sustainable and eco conscious merch.

Generation Home

Great product, great service

I chose Go Swag because of their immense eye for quality and not just shipping crap out into their world, something we really want to associate with our brand. I have built a close relationship with Go Swag, I could not recommend them enough as a company. Highly recommend!

Collaborative Solutions

High-quality, with a great team

What sets this business apart from its competitors is its attention to quality, they only bring in the best merchandise. With Go Swag, I know we’re going to get only the best items that the recipients will actually find useful.